I was gone for the past few weeks visiting family, but I’m back! I don’t have anything particular in my mind to talk specifically about today, but I thought I might share a poem of sorts I wrote a while back. This poem, Behind The Washing Machine, ended up becoming the inspiration and basis for…

The Broken Hearts Club

Writing is a relationship. It’s a very complicated one, but then again, all the best ones are. Long before you sit down, start writing, and come up with the best idea ever, something else occurs. Every writer out there knows what I’m talking about. It’s that bond, that deep-rooted love for creating, for telling a…

Taking The Plunge

First of all, so sorry it’s taken me so long to finally start posting. You know how it is, life got busy. So in order to not waste any more time, let’s start talking. Writing. It’s hard, like, really hard. I’m not sure anyone ever gives writers enough credit. I’m not directly trying to pat…


Hi everyone! Great news this morning. After Life got a spotlight post from N.N. Light’s Book Heaven! You can check out the full post HERE. If you want to purchase my book, just head on over to my store and follow the links for which version is best for you. Thanks Book Heaven!


Hi Everyone, you can now purchase a paperback copy of my new book, After Life! Purchase HERE. It’s currently in stock and ready to ship 🙂 If you’re like me and prefer a tangible book in your hands, then grab your copy today! If you want a signed and dedicated copy, then just shoot me…


After Life is now available in kindle version for immediate download! You can purchase your copy through my online store or by heading over to The paperback version will be available soon 🙂


Need an exciting new book to read? Pre-order a SIGNED and DEDICATED paperback copy of my new YA Dystopian book, After Life! Just head on over to my contact page and shoot me a message 🙂


Like YA? Like Sci-Fi? Like Dystopian? Are some of your favorite reads books like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, The Road, Divergent, or Ender’s Game? Do you love movies like The Matrix or Inception? Then you’ll like my new book! It’s the first in a series, so many more to come. Ebook 1 is…


The proof of my paperback edition of After Life arrived in the mail today . . . which means it will be available to purchase on real soon! You can currently pre-order the Kindle digital version HERE. Holding a physical copy of my book in my hand is five years in the making. It’s…

AFTER LIFE is now available for pre-order!

Hurray! It’s April 12th, 2021 which means that my debut novel, After Life, is available for pre-order on! Place an order so you can be among the first to get your KINDLE copy. Place your Kindle Ebook order HERE. If you’d like to pre-order a signed and dedicated paperback copy, then head over to…

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