I was gone for the past few weeks visiting family, but I’m back! I don’t have anything particular in my mind to talk specifically about today, but I thought I might share a poem of sorts I wrote a while back. This poem, Behind The Washing Machine, ended up becoming the inspiration and basis for my upcoming book, The Magic Watch.

I think it’s always important to remember that it’s always a good idea to write down every little idea you have and in any form you can because you never know when it might inspire something larger. I wrote this poem after waking in the middle of the night. I always keep a some sort of pad or even my phone next to the bed so if I wake up with an idea I can quickly write it down before I forget.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.


In every home across this nation,

There’s a secret that’s been kept for many generations.

Wait till it’s late and everyone’s asleep,

Then tiptoe downstairs, slowly, at almost a creep.

Go to where your laundry is done,

For in here is a doorway to another dimension.

Just set the dial to permanent press,

Turn it on and let the machine do the rest.

When you hear the very first chime,

You’ll be sure to know that it’s time.

Now pull the washer from the wall,

And reveal the magical portal.

Enter at your own risk,

But be prepared to experience pure bliss.

For once inside, you will be transported,

To a mystical world, different and distorted.

Where candy grows on whimsical trees,

And you never have to say thank you or please.

A place where your imagination makes the rules,

Where anything is possible and fools can just be fools.

But do make sure you keep track of the time,

For the portal only stays open until the last chime.

Once it closes your real life becomes a dream,

And you’ll be forever stuck behind the washing machine.

I hope you enjoyed!


T. E. Bell

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