The Fantastical Tales of Timothy Strange

The Magic Watch

Magic only appears to those that need it most . . .

Ever since his father died, life for eleven-year-old Timothy Strange has been miserable—bouncing from town to town, dealing with constant bullying at school, and fearing the arguments between his mother and heartless new stepfather. But when a mysterious man rents the Strange family an odd little house on Shady Lane and a silver pocket watch appears in the laundry room, Tim doesn’t realize just how much everything is about to change.

On one fateful night, Tim accidentally unleashes the watch’s hidden magical powers, opens a portal inside the washing machine, and finds himself on the shores of Lake Tempus in the whimsical world of Landrea—a land fueled by magic and filled with all sorts of talking creatures.

After wandering into an enchanted forest, Tim meets a helpful young elf that takes him to speak with a wizard badger named Eldermor the Wise. Eldermor tells Tim he’s part of an ancient prophecy that, if fulfilled, will free the seven realms of Landrea from the tyrannical rule of King Regor—an evil king with an unwavering determination to destroy all magic.

Aided by his older sister Maya, two elves, a dwarf, a squirrel, and a massive brown bear, Tim embarks on a quest to fulfill his destiny, battle King Regor’s dark army, and restore magic to the land. Through his time spent in Landrea, Tim gains the courage to conquer the evils that face him in his everyday life back at home and make the leap from being a scared little boy to a brave young man.

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